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Shawano Ambulance Service
Shawano Ambulance Service
Are you hiring?

Shawano Ambulance Service is always interested in having information on quality emergency medical providers of all licensure levels. We encourage you to complete our on-line application available on this web site. You may also email us a resume if you have one available. When we have an opening, we immediately go to the eligibility file and start arranging interviews.

How do I get an ambulance when I need one?

All requests for ambulance transports need to be routed through the Shawano County Dispatch Center. Normally, citizens should simply dial 911 from any land line or cell phone in the event of a medical emergency. To schedule a non-emergency transport, the dispatch center can be reached at (715) 526-3111.

Will my insurance cover the cost of an ambulance trip?

Every insurance carrier and policy is different, and it is the responsibility of the policy holder to know (or find out) what his/her insurance covers. Accordingly, the medics who arrive at the scene of a call are unable to provide assurance whether or not coverage would be extended by any particular type of insurance.

Generally, if your insurance carrier agrees that by the terms of your policy, the transport is deemed “medically necessary,” coverage is typically extended to the nearest appropriate emergency facility up to the limits of the policy. Again, every policy if different, with differing deductibles, copays and other limitations.

How does Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid handle ambulance claims?

Much like private insurance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid all require the transport to be “medically necessary” and will typically extend coverage to the nearest appropriate emergency facility. Specifically, transports to doctors’ offices or clinics are not covered unless prior authorization is obtained and very stringent guidelines are met.

How do I know if you are “in network” for my insurance plan?

Generally, network restrictions are waived in emergent situations until at least the point at which an individual can be stabilized and transferred to an ‘in network’ medical provider, if need be. Therefore, Shawano Ambulance Service is not affiliated with any network designations.

What if I want to be transported to a hospital in Green Bay, Appleton or Wausau?

Several factors affect our ability to transport to a distant hospital facility. These include (but are not limited to) the medical necessity of the transport, appropriateness of the desired destination, the ability/willingness of the desired destination to accept you as a patient, approval from our Medical Control physician, and the availability of other resources to cover taking an emergency ambulance out of our service area for an extended period of time. Once again, Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances will cover transport only to the nearest appropriate facility… and they do not consider where your regular doctor is located in that determination. Accordingly, you may be asked to sign an acknowledgement that you understand your responsibilities in requesting such a transport.

I didn’t go to the hospital. Why did I get a bill?

When an ambulance is dispatched to assist you, many things happen – both in direct relation to your incident as well as behind the scenes. A crew and at least one vehicle are assigned to your incident, which takes it out of consideration for other people who might also have an emergency at the same time. Whether you feel better before the paramedics leave or if you only intended on being evaluated in the first place, there is a charge for the resources that were dedicated to your care even if you choose not to be transported to the hospital.

I don’t want my personal information shared. What are my privacy rights in an emergency?

Shawano Ambulance Service has a very strict policy in place to safeguard our patients’ personal health information. To see a copy of our policy regarding your privacy rights, refer to our Privacy Policy in the Forms section of this web site.
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